Travel reality – enjoy the journey and love the experience

Travel to Queenstown - taken from the Gondola 2021

Travel reality – enjoy the journey and love the experience.

How often have you been scrolling through your Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts and seeing the perfect travel posts, where the picture or video looks incredible, and the story backs it up. The place must be the most beautiful place on earth.

And then you go there!

It has happened to all of us. We spend hours travelling to the place of our dreams when we get there, it’s cloudy or raining or a thousand other reasons for it not to look like the picture in the post. But you know what – it’s not all bad, remember you went there for a reason, make the most of it as you may never travel there again in your lifetime.

Have patience when you travel

Not everything in life goes to plan, so why would you expect a trip to do the same. Have some patience, relax and enjoy every moment of the journey. Sometimes things that are a bit more challenging make better stories.

Try to be more relaxed when you travel, remember you have chosen to make this trip. A travel plan that allows for flexibility is a great idea, especially in today’s ever-changing world.

We didn’t have everything go to plan on a recent trip to the South Island”. We got the accommodation on one part of the journey wrong – instead of letting that ruin the trip. It made us think about visiting Queenstown, which was never in the original plan.

This is just an example of being fluid and going with the flow – by the way, Queenstown was extraordinary!

A series of enjoyable moments

Sometimes it is hard to remember while travelling that you travel for pleasure, some for work but the majority travel to explore and experience different places and cultures. When things go wrong, try to remember that travelling is inspiring – enjoy every moment.

After all, not everything in the world is picture-perfect.

Here’s some ideas:

  • Be flexible with your flight bookings – choose the Flexi option if possible giving you the chance to reschedule for any given reason particularly in these uncertain Covid times
  • Cheapest is not always the best – can be applied to a range of products and services
  • Make one part of the trip a special moment you will remember. Splurge on an experience, a meal or a night of accommodation etc
  • Check the details carefully for your bookings
  • Use google maps to check your accommodation (next to a cemetery doesn’t necessarily mean quiet, it may also be on the busiest state highway roundabout where every truck in the country travels all hours of the day and night!)
  • Book accommodation with an option to cancel/ amend within 24 hours of your stay – that way if your plans change you are not left with a cancellation fee or trying to get your money back
  • Hire a car – get to see the local sights and have the freedom to get around
  • Allow for rest days just to chill or go back and explore further