See Balloons over Waikato, New Zealand

See Balloons over Waikato, New Zealand.

Don’t miss the annual Balloons over Waikato event, which attracts balloonists from all around New Zealand and internationally – it’s big, bright and bold and makes for a colourful sight across the Waikato landscape.

Held over 5 days from 7am each morning and other scheduled times during the day and evening, the event culminates in the Zuru Nightglow show where the balloons glow to music, finished by a firework display.

This is a fantastic event offering FREE entertainment – something special and different for the whole family. 

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Watch the Balloons over Waikato unfold, come to life and dance around in the wind. See their sheer size, feel the heat of the burners on a chilly morning – you can even walk inside a real hot air balloon or book a ride! The pilots are only too happy to talk all things ballooning and explain the science behind them. 

Did you know they are partially inflated with cold air before the air is blasted with short bursts of hot air? The balloon rises as the air inside becomes lighter than the cooler air on the outside.

Plenty to see, eat & do. 

There is food and drink for purchase, and entertainment is provided throughout, with approximately 130,000 locals and visitors attending from the wider region each year.

So good to see all those today who set the early alarm and braved the chilly and dark morning to see Balloons over Waikato. Littlies wrapped up warm – some still in the pyjamas and dressing gowns – others in their school uniforms sat on blankets with their own picnic weetbix breakfasts. Beat that for an exciting start to the day!

Big ones, bright ones, crazy shaped ones – all part of this magnificent show. This hugely successful five-day Balloons over Waikato is the premier ballooning festival in New Zealand, celebrating its 22nd birthday this year, 2021.

How to get to Balloons over Waikato

Location: Innes Common, Hamilton, New Zealand

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Balloons over Waikato FAQ’s

How do I get to Balloons over Waikato?

Balloons over Waikato is located at Innes Common, Hamilton for the morning 7am sessions and the Zuru Nightglow. See their website for more scheduled events.

Is Balloons over Waikato free?

Yes it is.

Is it suitable for Kids?

It certainly is, they will love watching the balloons

Is it easy to get to Balloons over Waikato?

yes it is, you can find plenty of free parking around the area, so no hassle to get there.

Is it worth going to Balloons over Waikato?

Yes it definitely is, the balloons are awesome to see, the people are friendly and it is a great event. We loved it.